PowerSine Series High-Voltage Power Quality Optimization Equipment

PowerSine high voltage active power quality optimization equipment is suitable to 6kV/10kV/35kV high voltage power system. The device adopts the most advanced algorithm of energy stability control and multi-band instantaneous reactive separation, which is combined with multi-level and multi-quadrant current tracking strategy. PowerSine can quickly separate multi-band harmonic content in 2.44us and dynamically adjust the di/dt of inverter current.

Key Features & Advantages

  • High-end product, can meet the needs of complex power system;
  • Removing 2nd ~ 50th harmonic, the effective rate of harmonic filtering can exceed 95%;
  • Output pure harmonic compensation current at 100% rated capacity;
  • Exclusive patent technology analysis algorithm and current control strategy lead technological innovation to fill the product gap in China;
  • Best product selection for power quality optimization at 6kV~35kV power system.