ACTSine-MQ Series Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation SVG Module

The ACTSine-MQ series dynamic reactive power compensation SVG module, not only can be used as reactive power compensation alone, but also can work together with the traditional reactive power controller to achieve excellent finest compensation. ACTSine-MQ is an effective choice to upgrade the traditional reactive power compensation cabinet.

ACTSine-MQ module can be embedded in the traditional reactive power compensation cabinet. The traditional cabinet can be upgraded to an intelligent dynamic reactive power and some harmonic compensation cabinet.
ACTSine -MQ modules can be stacked to constitute SVG equipment with different capacity.

The Module has small size, simple layout and installation, convenient for the customer.
The ACTSine-MQ can be installed independently. In addition, according to customer requirement, the module can be installed horizontally or vertically in the cabinet, especially for installation in the narrow space inside the cabinet;
The module consists of both functions of reactive power compensation and three-phase unbalanced management. Above functions can be worked individually or simultaneously at full capacity;
The three-phase imbalance of the system can be effectively eliminated.
ACTSine-MQ supports 2 modes of closed-loop compensation and open-loop compensation, which can meet different on-site requirement;